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Modern Revival of Victory Gardens
VICTORY GARDEN DIAGRAM – March 1942. A Selection of Documents from the Illinois State Archives

Victory Gardens Gained Prominence

Modern Revival of Victory Gardens
“Victory Gardens – for family and country. There’s no age limit. These youngsters are selecting seeds: carrots, beets, tomatoes, squash.” Photo by Ann Rosener, Office of War Information, 1943.Collection of Library of Congress
Modern Revival of Victory Gardens
The Bentley Seed Top 40 Seed Packets is a fast way to get started with a sustainable garden.

We recognize that individuals are seeking a connection to their food sources, a desire for organic produce, and a means to reduce their environmental impact. The concept of Victory Gardens aligns perfectly with these values, offering a sustainable and fulfilling way to meet these needs through growing good things to feed today’s families. A basic home garden includes the most essential vegetables and herbs including lettuces, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, beans, radishes, beets and any other produce that your family enjoys. It grows enough to fill the table during season and more to freeze or preserve for off-season months. To make it really easy to grow everything you need for a self-sustaining garden, simply get all you need at once with our Top 20-packet & Top 40-packet garden seed kits.

As the Bentley Seed Co. looks to the future, we realize that the Victory Garden movement offers so many contemporary benefits for individuals and communities including:

·   Food Security: Growing your own food enhances personal and community food security, reducing reliance on external sources.

·   Health & Well-being: Gardening is a therapeutic, physically active hobby that promotes mental health and well-being. And, because Bentley sells only fresh crop, high germination, NON-GMO, uncoated seeds that are safe for the entire family and your garden, the resulting harvest is wholesome and delicious.

·   Sustainability: A backyard or container garden supports sustainable practices, reducing the carbon footprint associated with commercial agriculture.

·   Community Building: Gardening fosters a sense of community as individuals come together to share knowledge, resources, and the fruits of their labor.

Modern Revival of Victory Gardens
Gardening with your family builds individuals and community.

The Victory Garden model, once a symbol of wartime resilience, saw a significant resurgence during the pandemic as grocery stores and traditional food sources faced supply chain problems, lockdowns, and a reduced workforce. People created their own growing spaces or came together in small community groups to plant and grow fruit and vegetables.

Today, the model for backyard and communal gardens has evolved into a powerful movement for sustainable living and community building. Committed to providing the tools and inspiration for individuals to cultivate their own sustenance, Bentley Seed Co. stands proudly at the forefront of sustainable home gardening. Our heirloom vegetable seeds come from well-loved, historic varieties passed down among generations for their superior flavor and performance. We source these special, high-quality heirloom seeds from regional American farms and are proud to be a longtime supplier of Fresh Crop, non-GMO, open-pollinated seeds.As we navigate an ever-changing world, our Home Gardener Collection, inspired by the historic Victory Garden approach, continues to promote self-sufficiency and a collective commitment to a healthier, more sustainable future. Bentley Seed Co. understands that the Victory Garden prototype is not just about individual efforts but is a collective movement toward a more resilient and sustainable future.