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How to Garden: Home Gardening Tips & Resources

Learn how to garden vegetables, herbs, and flowers from seed. Our gardening library features grow guides for individual plants, tips for maintaining your garden throughout the year, and everything else you’ll need to grow a thriving home garden.

How to Grow Kale

It’s not just for millennials! Kale is hardy, easy to grow, and rich in nutrients, making it an increasingly popular addition to salads, smoothies, and other healthy dishes.

How to Grow Watermelon

Watermelon is a joyful, quintessential sign of summer and a fun plant to grow from seed, but it begs the age-old question: is it a fruit or a vegetable? Our featured watermelon variety: Crimson Sweet Seed Is Watermelon a Fruit or a Vegetable? The...

3 Simple Steps to Winterizing your Compost

Final cool-weather veggies harvested? Check! Garden put to bed for the season? Check, check! Now it’s time to get your compost winterized before it gets any colder. Discover 3 simple steps to make it easy to protect your precious compost through the winter!

Growing Herbs and Winter Garden Vegetables

Admittedly, we write a lot about gardening, especially on how to grow vegetables in the northeast, which makes sense when you consider that we’re located in upstate New York (generally zone 4-5, depending on the elevation). However, we recognize...

Cultivating Resilience: The History & Modern Revival of Victory Gardens

Victory Gardens of Today – Once a staple of American resilience & sustainability during wartime, the Victory Garden of the early & mid-20th century has evolved to meet a very current approach toward self-sufficiency & a healthier way of life. Learn more in our most recent blog about how you can grow good food in any whatever space you may have available.

How to Grow Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sprouts may be an acquired taste, but these hardy veggies are prolific producers that pack a ton of nutrients.

How to Grow Basil

One of the most popular herbs in America, basil is not only a delicious ingredient, but also boasts a number of medicinal and therapeutic qualities.

How to Grow Nasturtium

Nasturtiums can add an interesting splash of color to the garden… and then you can eat them! The leaves and flowers of this pollinator-friendly plant are completely edible, with a delicious peppery taste.

Creating a Family Vegetable Garden

Most of us look forward to spring with good reason: longer days and warm temperatures mean finally being able to ditch onerous winter outerwear and enjoy the outdoors again. Year in year out, we get through winter patiently (some of us more...

How to Grow Parsley

One of the most popular culinary herbs, parsley is a common seasoning and garnish that packs a ton of vitamins and minerals.