How to Garden: Home Gardening Tips & Resources

Learn how to garden vegetables, herbs, and flowers from seed. Our gardening library features grow guides for individual plants, tips for maintaining your garden throughout the year, and everything else you’ll need to grow a thriving home garden.

How to Grow Cilantro

Cilantro might be the ultimate “love it or hate it” herb, with a lemony-peppery flavor that registers for some people as “soap,” but which has also made cilantro a staple of Asian and Mexican cuisines.

How to Grow Cantaloupe

Our seed variety—Hale’s Best—is a 1923 Heirloom and is one of the best known, sweetest, and most productive of cantaloupe varieties. Our featured cantaloupe variety: Hale's Best Seed Cantaloupe: The Perfect Summer Snack Food While watermelon is...

How to Grow Watermelon

Watermelon is a joyful, quintessential sign of summer and a fun plant to grow from seed, but it begs the age-old question: is it a fruit or a vegetable? Our featured watermelon variety: Crimson Sweet Seed Is Watermelon a Fruit or a Vegetable? The...

Creating an Eco-Friendly Garden

While it’s probably wrong to assume that everyone who becomes a gardener, does so because of an overriding concern for the environment and a desire to reduce their carbon footprint. But, we’re pretty sure that, as time goes on, most avid...

How to Grow Chives

Chives are an easy-to-grow perennial herb that can be used in a variety of recipes, while also offering medicinal benefits and a bit of decorative appeal.

How to Grow Radishes

A veggie that can be easy to overlook, radishes are easy and fast to grow, offering a crunchy texture and peppery flavor that’s made it popular in Mexican cuisine.

Winter Outlook: What Should Gardeners do to Prepare?

As summer blossoms fade and the days become shorter, that means it's time for gardeners to start preparing for the inevitable—WINTER. Depending on your point of view, and where you reside, you may or may not like the Farmers' Almanac's winter 2018...

Summer Flower & Vegetable Gardens: Expert Tips for Mid-Season Maintenance

Mulch: If you didn’t get a chance to mulch your plants at the beginning of the season, or if you only mulched them lightly, summer is the time to lay it down/add more. Mulch shields plant roots from the sun and prevents the soil from drying out. It...

Growing Herbs and Winter Garden Vegetables

Admittedly, we write a lot about gardening in the northeast, which makes sense when you consider that we’re located in upstate New York (generally zone 4-5, depending on the elevation). However, we recognize that many of our customers are fortunate...

How to Grow Basil

One of the most popular herbs in America, basil is not only a delicious ingredient, but also boasts a number of medicinal and therapeutic qualities.