How to Garden: Home Gardening Tips & Resources

Learn how to garden vegetables, herbs, and flowers from seed. Our gardening library features grow guides for individual plants, tips for maintaining your garden throughout the year, and everything else you’ll need to grow a thriving home garden.

How to Grow Carrots

One of the most popular root vegetables, carrots take a little time to grow, but come packed with important vitamins and nutrients.

Container Gardening

Just because you live in an apartment or other space that doesn’t have a yard, it doesn’t mean you can’t grow your own outdoor summer flowers, herbs or vegetables. It just means you need to be a bit creative in how you go about doing it,...

How to Grow Tomatoes

Does anything say “home garden” like the humble tomato? We offer a number of heirloom tomato varieties, including cherry tomatoes you can pop right in your mouth, and meaty Brandywine tomatoes perfect for slicing.

How to Grow Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sprouts may be an acquired taste, but these hardy veggies are prolific producers that pack a ton of nutrients.

How to Grow Corn

Our heirloom corn seed, Golden Bantam, is a sweet, mid-season variety capable of producing an abundance of delicious summer corn.

How Can Gardeners Help Save the Butterflies?

The appearance of butterflies in spring and summer elicits universal delight. With their delicate wings and varied colors and intricate markings, along with their seemingly capricious flight paths, they are a never-ending source of fascination and...

Summer Flower & Vegetable Gardens: Expert Tips for Mid-Season Maintenance

Mulch: If you didn’t get a chance to mulch your plants at the beginning of the season, or if you only mulched them lightly, summer is the time to lay it down/add more. Mulch shields plant roots from the sun and prevents the soil from drying out. It...

Companion Planting

With few exceptions, most living organisms on earth have evolved to depend on one another, and that includes plants. This co-dependence is not only critical for their survival—whether for sustenance or protection—but, in some cases,...

How to Grow Mint

Known for its “cool” menthol fragrance and flavor, mint is also extremely easy and fast to grow, making it a perfect starter plant for the aspiring gardener.

Creating Raised Garden Beds

You can go about creating new garden beds any time of year as long as the ground isn’t frozen or too wet. The most obvious time to do this is in the fall or early spring to get ready for spring planting. As you ponder the design of your garden,...